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  • Welcome to the Senior Physics web site!  This education site is managed by Bob Emery.  It is designed as a reference point for students of the Stage 6 Physics Course in NSW.  There is also some material that may be of use for students studying the Studies of Religion Courses in NSW.  Other visitors are most welcome.  Note that this site is best viewed with Internet Explorer.

  • On this website you will find notes, diagrams, worksheets, revision questions, labs, brain teasers, links to useful INTERNET sites and helpful material for assessment tasks.  The Physics notes are organized to follow reasonably closely the order of the dot points in the "Students learn to" column of the Syllabus.  Lab experiments, sets of questions and links then attempt to provide sufficient assistance to enable students to complete the tasks designated by the dot points in the "Students" column of the Syllabus.  For a copy of the Stage 6 Physics Syllabus follow this link to the Board of Studies website and page down until you find "Physics".

    If you find this site useful, you may wish to make a donation towards the upkeep of the site.  If so, please click on the link to the "Site Support" page.



  • The host for this website will be shutting down the server on which this site is hosted early in the new year.  The new server will not support websites created using Microsoft FrontPage.  Therefore, this website will become unavailable very soon.

    For Physics students in Year 11 2018 I am currently creating a new HSC Physics website located at:
    https://www.bobemeryphysics.com/ .  This website will provide assistance for students of the new Stage 6 Physics syllabus commencing in 2018.  Also, I shall upload all of the current Year 12 Stage 6 syllabus notes for Year 12 2018 at that site.

    Note that the new site will be a lot simpler than the current one.  For instance, I shall provide course notes in the form of Microsoft Office 2016 files (Word, Excel, etc) or pdf files that you can download & use rather than providing individual web pages of notes & diagrams as appear on this current site.

  • Click on the links above or at the left for the required page.  My Links page is located in the Resources section of this site.  It contains links to many extremely good sites - definitely worth a look!  Read the Disclaimer and Warning.

About the author: Bob Emery

Qualifications:  Bachelor of Science (1st Class Honours in Physics) from University of Newcastle

Diploma of Education from University of Newcastle

Master of Educational Leadership from Australian Catholic University

Religious Education Diploma from Diocese of Maitland

Membership of Associations: Member of Australian Council for Educational Leadership (MACEL)


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