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This page contains some practice exams.  In most cases these exams are the combined work of several teachers.  They have been run as actual exams in a Stage 6 classroom.  Solutions are provided for most if not all exams.  These exams are provided for your own private study.  Use these exams to assist in preparing for your own examinations.  The exams and solutions are provided in pdf format.  You will therefore need a suitable pdf file reader such as Adobe Acrobat reader.  A set of Data Sheets is supplied towards the bottom of the page.

To download a free copy of the latest version of Adobe Reader, visit the Adobe website [http://www.adobe.com/ap/index.html]. When the page opens, go to the column headed "Downloads" and choose the link to "Get Adobe Reader".

I would ask any teacher or other authority who believes that I am unfairly using resources or intellectual property owned by them to contact me by email and alert me to this fact.  Such use by me is completely unintentional.  I will remove any such material if that is requested by the owner.


Preliminary Course Exams



HSC Course Exams



Data Sheets


Use your copy of the Syllabus as a Study Guide.  Ensure you can answer all points mentioned in the Syllabus to the level required by the verb used.

  If you do not have a Syllabus, ask your Teacher for one or download a copy from the Board of Studies Website - the URL is on my Links page in the General Links section.  Make sure you get the right version.  It is the Stage 6 Physics Syllabus approved June 1999 and amended October 2002.


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