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This is where I will announce the most recent additions to my web site. If you've been here before and want to know what's changed, look here first.

New Material

  • The material on the contribution of Einstein to the Quantum Theory was updated on 14/1/16:

    http://webs.mn.catholic.edu.au/physics/emery/hsc_ideas_worksheets.htm#Top .
  • The World Communicates topic was updated on 13/4/15 with some new large diagrams to assist in the explanation of the physics of waves.
  • The Reviews page was updated on 13/4/15 with a review of some very good Science & Maths software from Efofex.  See the review for details.
  • A whole new section of this website is under construction.  This will cater for the Australian Physics Curriculum being developed by ACARA.  Much work remains to be done.
  • View changes to HSC Physics (& other Science) Exam answer booklets from 2011 onwards.
  • Minor changes were made to the Stage 6 Physics Syllabus for 2010.  The changes consist of the addition of one outcome to the Preliminary Course 8.1 Physics Skills Module and one outcome to the HSC Course 9.1 Physics Skills Module.  The changes can be viewed at:


    Teachers will need to make appropriate changes to assessment tasks to ensure that students have opportunities to demonstrate the achievement of these outcomes.

  • I have not had time to add new material to my Religion Page.  Some of the material there is of use to the new Preliminary & HSC Courses in Studies of Religion but most of it is for the old syllabus.  Have a look anyway.  There are some links to very useful religion sites on the Links Page.
  • Note that on 27th January 2003 this site was completely updated in line with the amendments to the Stage 6 Physics Syllabus announced by the Board of Studies (BOS) in October 2002.  These amendments were for implementation from 2003 onwards.  Likewise, this site has been completely updated in line with the minor amendments to the Stage 6 Physics Syllabus announced by the BOS on 7 December 2006 for implementation in the 2007 Preliminary & HSC Courses.




I would love to get your feedback about this site. You can send your comments from the contact page.


Use your copy of the Syllabus as a Study Guide.  Ensure you can answer all points mentioned in the Syllabus to the level required by the verb used.

  If you do not have a Syllabus, ask your Teacher for one or download a copy from the Board of Studies Website - the URL is on my Links page in the Favourite Links section.  Make sure you get the right version.  It is the Stage 6 Physics Syllabus approved June 1999 and amended October 2002.

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