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Physics Preliminary Course Contents


Lisa Randall - Top Physicist

Randall is professor of theoretical physics at Harvard University and one of the most influential living scientists. In partnership with Raman Sundrum, she has published two papers that have transformed the way physicists think about the underlying structure of space, by showing that the hidden dimensions required by string theory could be not just large but infinite, provided space was warped in the right way.

Randall holds a BA and a PhD in physics from Harvard. Prior to joining the Harvard faculty, she taught at MIT and Princeton. She has earned Sloan, Department of Energy, and National Science Foundation Young Investigator awards.

Randall has just completed a book "Warped Passages" which will be available in Australia in August 2005.  The book describes Randall's current understanding of the structure of our universe.

More on Lisa Randall can be found in this article in The Guardian.




Lisa Randall - one of the top Physicists in the world today!  Read a brief description of her recent work at left.


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